Perfect Unconditional Infinite Love

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As humans we hunger and thirst for love. We are built with a void in our hearts and souls that can only be filled by our Creator’s perfect, unconditional, infinite love.

We may not be aware of it but everything we do, either “healthy” or “unhealthy”, is an attempt to fill the void in our hearts.  Our Creator allows voids in our hearts and souls so that we may seek Him and so that we get to know Him.

If we open our hearts and minds to know our Creator, the one and only God, He reveals Himself eternally to bless us.

Psalm 103 lists how God blesses those who know Him: He forgives, He heals, He redeems. He crowns us with love and compassion and satisfies our desires with good things. Those desires can represent the void in our hearts and souls. God fills that void and satisfies our desires with His presence and His love, if we allow Him to.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 states that God has set eternity in the human heart. The question of life after death is solved through our Creator. In addition, the longing for more in this life is not satisfied with anything other than God Himself and His love for us.

God is love, God’s power is His love and God’s justice is shown in His love.

God’s love is perfect because it fills our hearts and souls with what we so much long for. There is no one else and nothing else that can fulfill your need and deep desire for God.

God’s love is unconditional because He is there for you no matter how hurt you are by other people or circumstances. God’s history is one of reaching out to you in order to help you and even more, to give you abundant life. He loves you regardless of what you’ve done and what you have gone through. He loves you unconditionally despite your faults and shortcomings.

God’s love is infinite because once you begin to accept it, you realize how immense it is. It goes on for an eternity and it is a dynamic love that God expresses in small ways as well as big ways.

If we all stopped looking around and if we started to seek to know the Creator of the Universe, everyone would know the perfect, unconditional, infinite love that we all so much long for.

Just as a packaged birthday gift that someone gives to you, you need to extend and receive it. Then, you have to unwrap it in order to find that gift’s blessing.

Turn to your Creator and realize that He has been waiting for you to turn to Him every moment of your life, to bless you with assurance, peace, fulfillment and perfect, unconditional, infinite love.

Suggested prayer:

Lord God, my Creator and the Creator of the universe, I seek you and I want to know you for who you are. I open my mind, heart and soul to what you want to reveal to me. I am open to know your love, peace and guidance. Please come and capture my heart. Amen.