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My name is Helene or (Helena in Spanish)… I am a follower of Jesus. I’m deciding to answer God’s calling on my life according to His grace that has healed me and continues to heal and restore me.  I want to encourage individuals, churches and communities to be of open hearts and minds to our calling.  I am not claiming to be perfect or know everything but the Lord calls me to share what I do know and what I have experienced.

My constant prayer is that God helps me to get out of His way so that He can use me as an instrument of His love and justice.  Living in partnership with God through His love is the purpose for our existence individually and collectively.

God has given me a message of redemption, reconciliation, restoration, healing and justice through the Lord Jesus Christ.  He wants me to proclaim and go beyond writing.  He wants me to speak.

If you’d like to contact me, please do so below.  May God bless you with His peace, today and always.