“Humanity” Photo Challenge

In this world we are surrounded by diversity at its richest!  Not only do we have endless cultures and places to explore on this earth… but we are infinite universes in and of ourselves as individuals.  Each person that has existed, is existing and will exist, is a unique piece of art!

… So what unites us as a humanity?  I can think of two things represented in these pictures:

1. Love.  The search for love, the feeling of love and the fulfillment of love.


2.  Death.  Are we avoiding it all together (until we eventually have to face it)?  Are we uncertain of what is next?  Have we found answers that transcend this reality?


My intention isn’t to be a “downer”…

But I’m curious about your insights on this.  Do you think much about these two commonalities?  Do you think they are in the soul of humanity?  Do we stop and think about these realities?  Should we stop and think about these realities?

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