Turn off the TV!

Maybe I’m being overly judgmental, but most of the televangelists I have seen in my lifetime have the “health and wealth” ministry. If you name it and claim it in Jesus’ name, you will have it, according to them.

However, Where does Jesus teach that in the gospels? The abundant life Jesus promises is love, peace and joy, while prioritizing the spiritual life, not material wealth. I’m not saying money is entirely evil… but it is the root of evil if you worship it. Jesus says, “seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added onto you”. How can we seek the kingdom of God?

Let’s start by turning off the TV.

At work, I silently stood out in conversations about TV shows. When I explained that I didn’t own a TV, people were amazed. I read once that the average American watches 40 hours of TV per week- that is a full time job! My co-workers asked, “What in the world do you do instead of watching TV?” while they commented that they didn’t have money to spend on other things.

I explained that I go out on long walks, I read, write, talk with family or friends, or simply relax… and none of these things cost money. My question to them was, “Have you thought of turning off your TV, and feeding some contemplation into your life?”

God has given me the courage to write and say this: Turn off your TV!

We wonder why our culture is obsessed with zombies… it’s the new craze. I believe it is because we are becoming a zombie culture while being numbed down by the media. We are told what to buy, what to think, and how to live life. Marketing schemes are so obvious but most don’t realize it. I feel bombarded by advertisement without even watching TV!

The news is mostly negative entertainment. Some have an unhealthy addiction to the news because it provides entertainment and drama that they crave without even knowing it.

Also, the media, advertisement and TV shows constantly tell us how we should live, what the “ideal” life looks like and what happiness is… MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and MONEY is what is prioritized on TV. Money is what “true” life looks like according to TV. Money is how we should live and money is what gives “happiness”, according to TV.

All these messages are false. They are lies and most people are falling for it…

Turn off your TV.

Let us stop worshiping celebrities and stop thirsting to imitate the rich. They might be rich, but they are seeking for true joy, peace and love like anybody else in the world. The cliché stands: money cannot buy happiness.

Let us feed the contemplative in our life.

Relax, read, write, observe nature, draw, meditate or pray.

Let us seek God, our Creator.

Turn off your TV.

Turn off your TV and seek your Creator because your Creator loves you.

The one and only true God is waiting for you.

He is waiting for you to turn off that TV and know Him… He is here with you…

God always is.

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