Pain, Suffering and the Healer


I have grown to understand sin as more than violating rules and regulations. Our humanity is in a broken state. There is a lot of wrong in this world. There is too much pain and suffering, whether it be in our individual lives or in the collective world that we live in.

The ways we try to fix that pain and suffering are often mistaken. As humans we may try to fix our own suffering through quick fixes whether it be through money, addictions or temporary pleasures. Some of these efforts are displayed in dysfunctions such as self-loathing or resentment and hatred toward others.

Our individual lives and our world as a whole are in need of restoration. We need something that can fix the pain and suffering and something that can heal and even redeem all that is broken. Who better to restore our lives and this world than the Creator Himself?

God is not an absent God. When He made this creation He gave us perfect love and gave us free will. Through that freedom of choice, we make every-day decisions that either bring consequences or rewards.

We have seen dire consequences of our brokenness in history and in this world. It is a major problem. However, God the Creator of the universe provides a solution.

God provides us with a Savior. This Savior, Jesus Christ, is for our individual healing and restoration from our individual pain and suffering. Jesus Christ is also the restorer of families, relationships, societies and the world.

God the Father, the Creator of the universe gave His only Son to walk on earth. His ministry was one of proclaiming the kingdom of God through forgiving, healing and restoring. His teachings and actions spoke of the kingdom of God for all who might receive, no matter who you might be.

Jesus sat with the poor, the sinners and the ostracized in society in order to save the lost and give hope while sharing the kingdom of God, equally to all.

He underwent the most excruciating pain and suffering in every way in order for all of humanity to have a Savior. He sacrificed His life in order for us to be restored and understand the love of God, our Creator. Jesus gave all of Himself so that we can have all of God, and so that we can know God’s love for all.

After Jesus died, He was in the tomb for three days and then the unexpected happens: Jesus resurrects from the dead and reveals Himself to His followers! Jesus Christ overcame the most unexplainable and detrimental of all obstacles: death.

The questions of life after death and the termination of earthly life have been answered through Jesus Christ as He Himself offers eternal life through faith in Him.

The individual restoration of each and every one of us is found in Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. God wants a partnership with us so that He can heal us supernaturally.

However, God does not stop at the individual level. God yearns to restore the whole world, and He wants to do it through us. God wants to empower and use us as His instruments of this supernatural healing, restoring, redemption, love, peace and joy.

Through Jesus and His Spirit, we are empowered and equipped to do God’s work on earth and to bring the kingdom of God to our surroundings.

The solution for us as individuals and as a collective world is found in God’s gift for us: Jesus Christ. We need to seek Him for who He is and receive His power in order to be part of God’s kingdom and His actions in this world.

Dear Lord, our Creator and our Savior, come show your healing love and power in our lives. Teach us to walk by your Spirit and by your guidance so that we may be restored in you as individuals, and collectively as a world. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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